Optex has launched a new addition to the RedScan family: the RLS-2020S

This new addition to the successful RedScan mini generation is suited for both outdoor and indoor high-security applications with the same extreme accurate detection the RedScan is already known for.

The RLS-2020S has flexible mounting options and creates a ‘virtual wall’, a flat detection area up to 20 x 20 m, that either covers a wall or the ceiling to detect intrusion. Unique to the RedScan RLS-2020S  version is the so-called ‘throw-in modus’ (for indoor applications only) which detects thrown objects as small as 2 cm when the sensor is set in high resolution modus.

The RLS-2020S is IP based and easy to integrate with all major VMS systems. Exploit the features of both the RLS-2020S and any VMS platform and combine their strengths to maximize the level of security in any application.

Bad weather conditions are no obstacle for the RLS-2020S and it detects in all kinds of lighting conditions, this all helps to reduce the number of unwanted alarms significantly. That makes this laser sensor a reliable security detection product for high-security applications such as a datacenters and nuclear power plants or other areas of a sensitive nature such as an airport, museum or warehouse.

Due to the extensive range of features on the RLS-2020S, this laser sensor is suited for many possible applications and therefore the perfect choice to protect smaller perimeters, approach detection, a building facade, flat roofs, skylights and more.

We will be demonstrating this new sensor during the ADI Expo 2017 at September 22nd in Belgium https://be-eshop.adiglobal.com/Events/Pages/Expos.aspx

Take this opportunity to see this sensor and test the throw-in mode yourself!


For more information, you can reach Chrispijn in den Bosch by calling +31 70-4194111 or email him at chrispijn@optex.eu.