AX (wired)

The best short range photoelectric detector. AX-TN/TF series is a compact photoelectric detector with the “IP65 high durability” and “stable detection performance”. These features reduce alarms drastically caused by outdoor environmental changes and provide a wide range of applications.



Prevention from dust, bugs and water delivers performance with higher reliability against false alarms and breakdowns. IP65 structure with high sealing rubber packing is used for all conceivable points where water or dust may penetrate, such as wiring holes, wire points and the outer chassis. IP65 is waterproof (protected against water jets from any direction), dust tight (no ingress of dust) and has an internal protection code (it shows the degrees of protection provided by enclosures).

5 Degrees of water conditions were used to evaluate the protection against water. Tests were conducted using a water jet stream that applied 12.5 liters/min of water at a distance of approximately 3 meters for roughly 3 minutes. This test was directly applied to the chassis of the AX-TN and TF series. The test resulted with the AX-TN/TF unit undamaged due to the higly durable IP65 rated structure. It aids in the prevention of water damage to the unit while keeping the detector operating accurately in outdoor environments.



  • Anti frost hood cover: a hood is installed to prevent frost forming on lower beams. It also makes the maintenance easy because the surface of the cover is flat.
  • Lightning protection: an improved Electro-Magnetic Interference surge absorder and high surge resistive relay has been installed to protect from lightning surges and maintain stable operation.
  • Easy angle adjustment: it allows the installtie to finely adjust the beam easily (horizontally ±90 degree with hand) (vertically ±5 degrees with screwdriver)
  • High grade spherical lens: the high grade pherical lens creates more sharply defined & precise infrared beams compared to ordinary fresnel lenses.
  • A.G.C (Automatic Gain Control): AGC circuit continually monitors graudal changes i the signal’s strength caused by changing weather conditions. It adjusts the sensitivity accordingly to maintain the proper signal level for the current environmental conditions.
  • 99% beam blocking stability:  enables stable operation with as much as 99% loss of beam energy cause by heavy rain, dust storms, fog or snow. Adjustable beam intrerruption period: the beam interruption time can be adjusted to fit any application, For example, when protecting a wall or fence, a longer interruption time will catch intruders. AX-100/200TF only.
  • Selectable beam frequencies: the selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid unwanted crosstalk that can occur when using multiple photobeams for long distance or beam stacking applications
  • D.Q. Circuit: D.Q circuit (environmental disqualification) sends a trouble signal when the beam strength is below an acceptable level due to hevy fog, rain, snow or other changes in the installation site. The trouble signal output continues as long as the beam strength is below an acceptable level.
  • Step alarm indicator LED for fast & accurate optical alignment: the alignment condition is visually displayed on the LED. It shows the alignment condition by using 4 different process to achieve accurate and easy alignment before fine tuning.



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