AX (wireless)

The AX-100/200TFR is a revolution in the perimeter security industry, offering a significant cost saving alternative to a traditional hardwired system.


Advantages of wiresless photoelectric detector

  • Low installation costs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flexible location
  • Wireless stylish design
  • Free from lightning damage
  • Compatible with numerous wiresless transmitters
  • Various mounting patterns
  • Wall mount, pole mount (single detector), pole mount (two detectors), beam tower


  • Long battery life (approx 5 years)
  • Easy battery replacement: it allows you to easily replace the batteries without opening the front cover. Not necessary to do the optical alignment.
  • Low battery output and LED: the unit automatically outputs when the battery power becomes low. Low battery LED will flicker when a front cover is removed
  • Battery saving timer: alarm output activation are limited by a times to 2 minutes. Even if there are continuous alarm events, the alarm output operates only once in the timer period. It prolongs the battery life of a wireless transmitter
  • Triple tamper functions: Form C output activates when either cover or back box as well as chassis is removed
  • Intermittent output function: alarm signals are sent periodically to avoid missed alarm while the beam is broken. Its function is effective for wireless systems which do not recognize ‘restore’ status.
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