Want to secure your home, but not disturb the design of your home? The compact outdoor series “Fit for ALL” is the ideal security sensor for residential purposes. Suited for both garden and balcony, detects during day and night and can be used for a wall side as well as area protection. This is the perfect “Fit” for any home!



Unwanted objects are avoided with ease. Using the “Fit’ sensor, every motion is analyzed before signalling an alarm to reduce false and missed detections. Consequently environment reaction capability becomes 24 times more. The detection area is flexible, making the sensor very suitable for placement on a balcony with lots of greens. Changing the detection length is easy. Adjust the mounting height or simply turn the lens upside down. The built-in bracket enables horizontal rotation of 190 degrees and  SMDA (super multi Dimension Analysis) logic brings the ultimate sensitivity optimization.

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dimensions: mm (inch)