High performance PIR indoor presence and intrusion sensor for high-end residential and light commercial application. The FMX series features Plug-in End of Line Unit (PEU) for easier and quicker installation.


The FMX-DST model provides extra stability in environment with strong sunlight. FMX has 78 dense zones to cover the whole detection area. At any spot within the detection area more than 4 (quad) zones are utlised to verify if an alarm should be generated or not. Additionally, the CORE processor used in the FMX series enables to improve the Quad Zone Logic by providing digital quantification of infrared energy. This enhances the accuracy level to differentiate between human or small animals.



  • Pet tolerance
  • Digital Quad Zone logic (intelligent analysis)
  • Remote LED control
  • Noise reduction
  • Advanced sealed optics
  • Advanced temperature compensation logic
  • Double conductive filter (FMX-DST only) Multi angle wall and ceiling bracket available
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dimensions: mm (inch)