Accuracy to distinguish a human from a pet is the most important element in reliable outdoor detection. The HX-series features Super Catch Performance. The exclusive pyro element on board enables the HX to project an ideal detection pattern, thus allowing for more accurate detection of humans and less false alarms.


Not all outdoor ground is flat like most indoor environments. Steep slopes can cause a negative effect on the catch performance feature. The adjustable included bracket enables the HX to maintain the optimal catch performance.



  • 180° horizontal angle adjustable bracket.
  • Mounting height 2.5-3.0m
  • Intelligent AND detection logic with unique pyro-element
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Advanced temperature compensation logic
  • Summer night compensation logic
  • Vegetation sway analysis logic
  • PIR coverage 24m X 2m

Active IR digital anti-masking: when an object is placed close to the lens surface, for a period of more than 180 seconds, the IR Anti-Masking circuit will activate and generate a trouble signal.

Save installation time and cost: HX-80NRAM is battery operated model therefore requires no complicated wiring. (residential site, commercial site, storage site)

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dimensions: mm (inch)