Synthesized intelligent PIR with day/night camera. The SIP-3020CAM day/night in the REDWATCH-V series consits of a high-reliability synthesized intelligent PIR and a high-quality camera unit. Misalignment of the camera angle and the detection area potentially poses a serious problem for video monitoring. It results in the detector being triggered for no apparent cause even though the installers may have believed that they had made installation with the proper alignment. High quality camera with valiforcal lens can be adjustable to get preferable view. REDWATCH-V perfectly aligns the camera view angle with the detection area so that every alarm can be visually verified. For new installation of video surveillance systems, it is an ideal product.



  • Intelligent PIR detection system
  • Detection of ambient temperature and illuminance ofr automatic sensitivity management
  • Advanced detection algorythm
  • Three dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding
  • Anti-vandalism functions (anti rotation function with 3 axis accelerometer, anti-masking function with photobeam, reinforced
  • Polycarbonate housing max 4m installation height)
  • Independent sensitivity selector for near/far areas
  • Detection logic selector
  • Detection range selector
  • Independent outputs N.C and N.O.
  • Alarm interval time
  • High-quality camera image: Day (colour)/Night(B/W)
  • 480 TV lines
  • Varifocal lens 3-9mm
  • Minimum illumination: Day (colour) 0.5 lx, Night (B/W): 0.03lx.
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dimensions: mm (inch)