Smartline (wired)


Various options

  • Anti bird cap ABC-4: keep birds and small animals off the detector to reduce false alarms. Stop rain and snow streaming in front of the detector to keep the sensitivity.
  • Back Cover BC-4: conceal the back side of pole mounted detector.
  • Pole side cover PSC-4: conceal the gap between two pole mounted detectors in back to back


New mechanical design

  • Wide beam and united appearance: the short range model, SL-200QN, with a wide beam pitch is now available.It dramatically reduces false alarms caused by birds and falling leaves. Moreover, it is also important that forms of long and short beams are united.
  • Slim body & light weight:  20% reduction in body size and 15% reduction in weight come together in the SL series.
  • Beam blocking plate: the plate can firmly be fixed on the lens unit without fear to be blown off by wind. The plates can be stored in the back of the front cover.
  • Anti frost design (Hood design): the hoods are positioned on the both of the upper beam and the lower beam to secure a high and stable beam power by preventing frost from attaching on the front cover.
  • Sniper viewfinderwith 2X magnification: the new telescope lens has a high level of visibility for optical alignment work.
  • IP65 water proof structure: rubber packing is used for all conceivable points where water or dust may penetrate, such as wiring holes, wire ports and the outer openings on chassis.
  • Vivid interior color: easy-to-see vivid interior color for optical alignment.
  • Alignment dial: the alignment no longer requires a screwdriver. All you need is touch by your fingers for precise adjustment.
  • Quad beam with aspherical lenses: the high-grade aspherical lens create more sharply defined and precise active infrared beams.
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