Smartline (wireless)

Revolution in the perimeter security industry. Optex offers a less expensive and more efficient solution with SL-350QFR/SL-350QNR. Typical perimeter systems require expensive trenching or mucht ime for installation. Expensive wire conduit runs and concrete work is unnecessary, allowing installers to save time and money.


The SL-350QFR and SL-350QNR, our wireless ready, battery operated photoelectric detectors are designed to work with most manufacturer’s wireless tranmitters, and the back box has enough space to accomodate them. They are easily deployable and adaptable to any control systems currently installed. Long battery life approx 4 years to max 8 years.

Advantages of wireless system

  • Low installations costs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flexible location
  • Wireless stylish design
  • Free from lightning damage
  • Various mounting patterns
  • Wall, pole (single), pole (double), beam tower
  • Wireless Ready


Sniper viewfinder

False alarms would be reduced if we can make perfect alignment at the first step. This new telescopic lens has high level of visibility for optical alginment work. Even when it is the long distance, it can make perfect installation in short period and ensure stable performance. The actual performance of product is highly dependant on not only product quality but also installation quality. Smart lines series are protected from interruption caused by insects, dirt sander or humidity.


Basic performance

  • 99% beam blocking stability
  • 4 selectable beam frequencies (SL-350QFR only)
  • Beam interrution adjustment function
  • Triple tamper function (front cover, back box and wall)
  • D.Q. circuit (environmental disqualification)
  • High grade aspherical lens
  • Form C (N.C/N.O) outputs
  • Battery saving function
  • Intermittent output function
  • A.G.C (Automatic Gain Control) circuit
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