VX Infinity

Building upon features inherited from the VX-40 series, VX Infinity presents infinite possibility with the power of digital processing. This world leading outdoor detector offers flexible detection patterns, expanded features in a down-sized body and digitally enhanced reliability. Re-defining the standard: VX-Infinity has 6 models to choose from, including RDAM with innovative low current microwave technology.


PIR detector: VXI-ST/R demonstrates a long and stable performance in typical outdoor environment. (VXI-ST wired model, VXI-R battery operated model)

PIR detector with anti masking: Active IR anti masking detects covering objects ons lens surface when monitoring of the detector status is required. (VXI-AM wired model, VXI-RAM battery operated model)

PIR and microwave detector with anti-masking: Integrated algorithm of both PIR and microwave provides the ultimate stability in detection performance. In a field where strong sun hits the land or facing direct light beams from traffic, DAM/RDAM offers higher false alarm immunity. (VXI-Dam wired mOdel, VXI-RDAM battery operated model)


Flexible detection patterns

Optional 180 degree arrangement: to cover a wider field, optional T-bracket enables two VXI detectors join to form a single detection.

5 types of pre-cut masking seals included for area configurations: optimal different detection pattern van be configured by a quick application of assigned masking seal onto the VXI lens


Expanded features in a down-sized body

  • Wireless ready
  • Versatile mounting plate
  • EOL module socket
  • Infinity housing
  • Tough Mod 2
  • Multipurpose spacious back box
  • Flexible detection area setting


Digital enhanced reliability

Digital double layer detection: both an upper and lower detection areas must simultaneously be crossed to generate an alarm. The detection are independently analyzed so that a misleading coincidence of events can be filtered out. This technology virtually eliminates detections of smaller animals in the premises.

SMDA logic (Super Multidimensional Analysis): All VXI models are equipped with a digitally enhanced signal recognition logic called SMDA. SMDA improves immunity against various noise factors such as climate changes and vegetation sways. VXIs expands applicable fields and reliability beyond what VX-402 was capable off.

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dimensions: mm (inch)