VX Shield Series

Featuring customisable design and accurate detection, VX Shield is a series of short range outdoor intrusion detection sensors providing reliability, convenience and security.The VXS series is used to generate an early intrusion alarm, protecting buildings. sites and roofs. The VXS-AM is the hardwired PIR model with anti-masking.


Easy to install and set up

From the easy 90 degrees rotation lock to open/close the cover to the easy adjustment of the detection area and sensitivity level, the VX Shield series has been designed to make the installation phase as easy and hassle free as possible. The VX Series also includes a “Automatic Walk Test Mode”, when closing the cover the walk test mode expires automatically after 3 minutes.

Intelligent detection analysis

All VXS models are equipped with our digital detection analytics called SMDA to maximise the catch performance and minimise the false alarm rate. This “digital intelligence” allows to analyse the information received by the sensor and differentiate between human intrusion and various noise factors such as weather changes, non human heat source and  vegetation sways. They also provide small animal immunity.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach
  • Roof / Ceiling


Key Features

  • Intelligent 12m PIR with animal immunity
  • Active Infrared antimasking
  • Easy set up incl. automatic walk test mode
  • Versatile design- choice of housing and front covers
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